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NameAppearanceCommentsReputation level
GIA Click to enlarge Strict benchmarking brilliant colors. The rating takes into account the proportions of the diamond as a cutting. 10
AGS Click to enlarge An innovative approach to assessing the quality of a small amount of cut. Comparetive certified stones. Color can be overstated by one position. * 9
HRD Click to enlarge There is a separate assessment of the diamond proportions. No separate evaluation of symmetry. It is not always unambiguous definition of brilliant color. 9
IGI Click to enlarge Loyalty score diamond color. Loyalty assessment of purity. * 7
EGL USA Click to enlarge There are precedents for overstatement diamond color and clarity. * 6
EGL Click to enlarge Characteristics inflated average of 3 positions on one color and purity. The quality of the cut is almost does not control. * 5
GCI (IGC) Click to enlarge Features increased by an average of 2 positions. cut quality is not monitored. * 5
EGS Click to enlarge On the border of the certificate and the appraisal report. Data on the current activity there. 3
IGL Click to enlarge The strong increase in all parameters of the diamond. It indicates a questionable transaction. 2
IDL Click to enlarge The significant overstatement of diamond settings. It is widespread in Turkey and the Persian Gulf countries indicates the questionable transaction. 2
GemScan Click to enlarge Not specified fluorescence, the symmetry and proportion, the price estimate corresponds to three to four times the market price. The mention of this certificate represents the dubious deal. 1

* - Here and further evaluation of color and purity characteristics compared to the reference evaluation of GIA, with the score cut by AGS scale results. The conclusions obtained by experimentation and may be repeated with varying degrees of probability depending on the reputation a particular laboratory.

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