Fundamentals of diamond


Nature gives a diamond inner beauty and cutter attached to her polyhedral shape, gives a unique "game" and brilliance. From the quality of the cut depends on the attractiveness and beauty of a diamond, so the cut is the most important of the main criteria for evaluating a diamond. The quality of the cut or group has a collective characteristic that describes the size and location of the facets of a diamond (proportions), symmetry, polish diamonds.


The color of a diamond is one of the most characteristic features of it: it is both the most important property of the diamond, as it is the color is more likely to affect the human eye.


The purity of a diamond - is a collective term that defines transparency, absence or degree of manifestation of the internal or external defects of the diamond. diamonds defects not visible to the naked eye.


The shape of a diamond cut is determined by the shape of the contour of the girdle - a fine line, encircling the diamond. The catalog presents a round shape diamond cut, recognized the most beautiful, the most revealing and fascinating "game" of the diamond.


The certificate not only describes the characteristics of a diamond defined group of evaluators gemologists in a special laboratory, but also confirms the authenticity of a diamond. Information about the diamond is and in the expert opinion on the finished product.


The weight of a diamond is measured in carats. 1 carat equals 0.2 grams. Carat is divided into 100 parts. Diamond size affects not only the weight but also the shape and quality of cut.

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